Hi. Welcome to ProNet Tennis.

Our aim is to provide you with quality service and work with you to achieve your goals. We are qualified professionals recognized by Tennis Australia and we are flexible to come to a court near you for your convenience.

We provide coaching services in Blue mountains area including Katoomba, Leaura and Blackheath. Our priorities are to coach Hotshots program and adult cardio for groups and individual. Please contact ProNet tennis for booking in your preferred time and date.

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Personalised and Quality Coaching for Adults and Kids

services we provide are recognised by Tennis Australia and are not limited to followings:

Family lesson

Organize a family lesson at your court and get a discount.

10% discount

Organize your own court and get 10% discount.

Special Promo

If you are Joining Tennis Hotshots! Claim Free Hotshots T-Shirt!.

If you organize your own group and court you will get 10% discount for every child plus an extra 10 % for organizing the group.

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Pro Shop

Here at ProNet Tennis we help you chose the right tennis gear for you so you can improve your skills more effectively. We provide restring service. We will be able to supply you all your racquets and gear, just email us your requirements.

Head Racquets

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality head racquets at competitive prices.

Speed Racquets

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality Speed racquets at competitive prices.

Radical Racquets

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality Radical racquets at competitive prices.

Tennis Shoes

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality Tennis Shoes at competitive prices.

Tennis Grips

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality Tennis Grips at competitive prices.

Tennis Accessories

We can supply wide range of cheap but quality Tennis Accessories at competitive prices.

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Services offered within 10KM radius of Katoomba unless you require a group lesson.

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